Remote places to stay


Product Description

In a time full of distraction and fragmentisation, people need to put distance between themselves and the modern-day world in order to get back to their essence. Remote Places to Stay offers you 22 places ‘away from this world’, where you can ‘switch off’ completely. A lot of these places are hard to get to, some only by foot, others only by train, boat or bush planes. But all of them have one factor in common: they offer you space for yourself. From luxurious to basic, from the Arctic north to desert landscapes in Africa, from an elegant refuge in the Himalayas to an abandoned village in Italy; all these places are different, yet all provide the opportunity to leave your daily life behind you, at least for a while

-The new type of travelling.
-Debbie and David publish items in the world’s leading journals such as Monocle, Condé Nast and De Morgen Magazine.
-Exclusive material and unique locations.
-Travelling duo Debbie Pappyn and David De Vleeschauwer went around the world in search of the most remote hotels and residences. An unforgettable journey by means of unique and exclusive images.
-Nowadays, people are looking for peace and relaxation. Places where their mobile phone does not constantly  ring and their PC does not longer receive emails: Digital Detox. The author and photographer have selected more than 20 hotels and lodges in remote places, where you can completely unwind in the most breathtaking nature of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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