Natural Food That Makes You Happy


Healthy, tasty and not much work in the kitchen. That’s pure enjoyment

Product Description

– Healthy, tasty and not much work in the kitchen. That’s pure enjoyment.
– Winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris and Beijing.
– 60 delicious recipes, but all with the same starting point: respect for yourself.

Pascale Naessens is a bestselling author culinary. With her books, She has created a real culinary ‘movement’. People can enjoy their food again and still lose weight. Her recipes have been praised by doctors and Osteopaths alike. She is a genuine cooking revelation and HAS topped the bestseller lists in Belgium for months – something That no other food writer HAS achieved before.
As an international photo model, She has traveled the world and Regularly works in Paris, Milan, Madrid and Japan . She is Especially Fascinated by Asia and she followed training as a shiatsu therapist and healthy living consultant.
In 2003, her passion for food led her to follow the classical training of a restorer. She still attends master classes taught by well-known chefs.
As a ceramist, She has designed her own tableware under the name ‘Pure’, HAS-which enjoyed Considerable international success. It is all about “creating”. Look, here on earth there is not actually very much. You have to create it yourself: romance, eating, health, your living environment. A lot of it is up to you. You are the architect of your own world. I apply it everywhere. I strip everything of the extras. I do it with houses, relationships, food, friendships. I strip it down and put it back together again. Pascale Naessens

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Dimensions 20 x 25 cm


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