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Must Eat London


Foodie and listomaniac Luc Hoornaert knows culinary London like the back of his hand. Sure, he is not a Brit, but he knows the best places in London for genuine international cuisine. His addresses will never fail to surprise you. From food stalls, small eating-houses and ultra-Brit pubs to trendy, high-class restaurants. Even though his selection is diverse, all locations have a few things in common: authenticity, dedication, true ingredients, and a no-nonsense approach. At each address, you will discover the 'must eat': the unique house speciality, and the history around it. 

From the origin of classics such as Pizza Margherita, the history of the hamburger, to the secrets of Japanese cuisine. Regardless of what you fancy, in this guide you will find the perfect address.

Format Hardback | 256 pages
Dimensions 176 x 245 x 25mm | 858g
Publication date 01 Aug 2015
Publisher Lannoo<span></span>

Price $59.00